ARCHIBUS/FM Integration

ARCHIBUS/FM Integration

As an authorized Business Partner with both ARCHIBUS and BlueCielo ECM Solutions, DataCore Technology can offer its experience in implementing these technologies together.

While ARCHIBUS/FM and InnoCielo Meridian Enterprise are each powerful products alone, together they deliver synergistic benefits to ensure you gain the maximum functionality when accessing, organizing, and maintaining your existing facilities and infrastructure information. As well, integrating ARCHIBUS/FM with InnoCielo Meridian Enterprise can yield an attractive Return On Investment (ROI).

Since 1987, ARCHIBUS/FM has been the world's leading integrated CAFM system, and their technologies now position them as a leader in the Total Infrastructure and Facilities Management (TIFM) arena. ARCHIBUS/FM is a complete, integrated suite of applications that addresses all aspects of facilities and infrastructure management systems, and is fully integrated with industry-standard AutoCAD®. As an authorized Business Partner with both ARCHIBUS and BlueCielo, DataCore Technology is uniquely qualified to help clients realize the powerful advantages of integrating these technologies.

Key Features

The combination of ARCHIBUS/FM and InnoCielo Meridian Enterprise provides a robust solution for managing all your facilities infrastructure information, including data-driven facilities CAD drawings, architectural CAD drawings, lease documents and equipment manuals. Integrating ARCHIBUS/FM with InnoCielo Meridian Enterprise:

  • Adds document management features such as workflow rules, access control, and change management to CAD drawings and other facilities-related instruments such as leases, regulatory/compliance documents, warranties, and maintenance contracts
  • Synchronizes data-driven facilities management CAD drawings with architectural drawings
  • Captures the change history of CAD drawings and documents the life cycle of buildings and assets
  • Enables collaboration between facilities management personnel and outside architects and engineers
  • Provides a formal index and searching capability to locate facilities-related documents
  • Allows you to easily link facilities and infrastructure data with supporting documentation
Key Benefits

When accessing, organizing, and maintaining your existing facilities and infrastructure information, using this powerful suite of technologies allows you to effectively eliminate discrepancies between the as-built environment and facilities management drawings. Having access to the change history of your documentation helps ensure accurate, up-to-date information for decision-making. This integration can save an organization time, ensure the accuracy of information, and boost productivity, therefore lowering costs and increasing revenue.

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