Nov/Dec 2003

Medical Design News
A review of the FDA Module for Cyco AutoManager Meridian that shows how it helps organizations to comply with 21 CFR Part 11.


Project Delivery Methodology – Explaining the Benefits
Our methodology provides the framework to ensure your new EDM system meets your needs. Specific benefits you can expect are discussed.

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Project Delivery Methodology Overview
With the implementation of our Project Delivery Methodology, it's amazing to note how smoothly our projects run - from project kick off to project closure. Read about how our Project Delivery Methodology enables us to document and track meetings, requirements, plans and schedules in a structured manner, and how we can easily monitor our budget, schedule and resources to prevent project delays. All of this is done to ensure we implement a system that meets your expectations.

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Plan Phase – Why Plan?
In the Plan Phase, DataCore assists you in preparing for a successful project.  The specific goals to be achieved, how they will be achieved, and who will benefit from this project are all defined in this phase.

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Define Phase – Requirements, Recording and Rationale
The Define Phase describes and documents what is required. This phase analyzes the existing system and processes and identifies specific requirements for the proposed system. We discuss the importance of defining and recording requirements for an IT project and why experience in gathering requirements is necessary for the project to be successful.

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Design Phase - Measure Twice, Cut Once
The Design Phase is where we take the requirements that you identified during the Define Phase and convert them into a detailed, technical design.

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Build Phase – Code to Build, Built to Code
In the Build Phase, the most obvious deliverable is the end product – the code and/or configuration that comprises the system and user interface. But along with building the system, there are some other specific, crucial tasks that fall into this phase.

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Continue Preparing – Get Ready, Get Set
There are a number of other milestones which still must be met before deploying your new system. We take a look at the other important activities required before your system is ready to Go!

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Deploy Phase – Deploying Your EDM System
Here we discuss the actual deployment of a system for production use.  This phase produces the most tangible and visible results of the entire project and is the phase wherein changes are the most costly. Accordingly, it requires the most careful project management and adherence to our Project Delivery Methodology.

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Close Phase – End of One Phase, Start of the Next
Congratulations! Your new system is in production, your users are happy, and productivity is on the rise.  Time to wrap up a few odds and ends, bring an official end to your EDM project, and move into maintenance and support mode.