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Case Studies

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Chugach Electric Association Case Study

Chugach Electric Association, Alaska's largest electric utility and a rural electric utility cooperative, plays a crucial role in keeping the state's residents warm by providing reliable energy and services. The utility generates its own power and builds and maintains transmission and distribution systems to serve 70,000 customers in and around Anchorage, AK. Chugach's company mission is to produce competitively priced energy through technology and innovation. With the help of DataCore Technology, it successfully implemented InnoCielo Meridian Enterprise to securely manage the drawings of over 400 miles of transmission lines. By implementing their new EDM system, Chugach achieved self service drawing access by users for the first time, elimination of manual procedures, and consolidation of years of drawing information.

“We are elated with the efficiency gained using InnoCielo Meridian Enterprise...searching has become a lot faster and simpler.”

— Dale Steeby, Manager of CAD and Document Control Services

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EGIDE USA Case Study

EGIDE USA designs and manufactures hermetic glass-to-metal and ceramic-to-metal packaging for telecommunications, industrial, military and aerospace applications. Its products protect optical devices and circuits controlling wave monitoring, guided missiles, flight control operations, and many other applications.

Technology plays an increasingly crucial role in enabling companies to gain a streamlined efficiency and greater competitive edge. For EGIDE USA this is no different. When the company was forced to rethink its operations to become more efficient, it turned to InnoCielo Meridian Enterprise to get a tighter grip on its mission-critical engineering data.

“DataCore has done an outstanding job for us. Their entire staff has been highly responsive, providing us with expert advice. I highly recommend them.”

Steve Forehand, IT Director

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FirstEnergy East Case Study

Former GPU Energy (now FirstEnergy East) was up for a challenge. With more than 250,000 archived drawings, the utilities’ existing document control system needed a drastic makeover to keep up with the times. With the expert help of DataCore Technology, FirstEnergy East implemented InnoCielo Meridian Enterprise document management system. The company is now reaping the benefits. With an automated way to create, control, share and archive drawings, the utility has gained considerable time savings, expecting to result in a significant return on investment.

“With InnoCielo Meridian Enterprise, we will save money by doing things much faster and in a more reliable manner.”

— Jerry Bowser, Design Group Supervisor

Idaho Power Case Study

Idaho Power is a progressive regulated utility dedicated to providing quality electric service to 401,739 residential and business customers in a 20,000 square mile service territory. The company owns and operates 17 hydroelectric plants on the Snake River and its tributaries.

With InnoCielo Meridian Enterprise, electric utilities can securely manage their power infrastructure and equipment documents while improving vital business processes which results in greater operational efficiencies on a day-to-day basis.

“DataCore has been great; they have been very accommodating. We are very happy with their project management skills and style of business. The project methodology they use has provided the necessary deliverables and gave us the confidence that our specific requirements were captured, documented and tested very thoroughly.”

— Mark Nelson, CADD Support Analyst

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New York Power Authority Case Study

New York Power Authority is the largest state-operated power provider in the country. The company employs 3000 people in different locations throughout New York. The company’s power infrastructure is designed and maintained by hundreds of engineers with approximately 60,000 engineering drawings, distributed over 5 independent sites. To unify the sites, DataCore developed a single common user interface that supports the needs of each site. DataCore configured and deployed InnoCielo Meridian Enterprise, trained 75 users with various skill levels, and imported legacy data from multiple sources, including disparate databases and file systems.

With the deployment of InnoCielo Meridian Enterprise, New York Power Authority gained important benefits. As an example, with the graphical workflow module in AutoManager Meridian, the company can streamline the document distribution and document routing process for all documents.

"InnoCielo Meridian Enterprise has proven to be a valuable boost to productivity. The growing complexity of our projects and increasing federal and state legislation required us to work more streamlined. Document management is an important way to create the integration that is needed to be more productive... DataCore did the best comprehensive planning I have ever seen from a vendor of this type and scope. I consider it a tremendous accomplishment to have completed a project of this magnitude on time and within budget.”

— Robert Sickles, IT Project Manager

U.S. Bureau of Reclamation Case Study

Washington’s Grand Coulee Dam is decidedly one of the most impressive infrastructure projects in the United States. In fact, this massive hydro-power facility is one of the largest concrete structures ever built. To keep this enormous amount of concrete, power lines, hydro systems, pumps and circuit breakers in top shape, the Bureau of Reclamation, in the US Department of the Interior, is in charge of conducting continuous maintenance on the dam and its related power infrastructure. More than 300 people from different disciplines are involved, including engineering, maintenance and administration.

The CAD and engineering group at the Grand Coulee Dam has been tasked to keep more than 200,000 drawings that outline the dam under tight control. Overall, Perman is very happy with the implementation of InnoCielo Meridian Enterprise and the benefits it has achieved. “InnoCielo Meridian Enterprise works very well. We have a lot of people that use it. In fact, I just had a power plant operator tell me today how much he appreciates using it.”

“DataCore has been terrific in helping to implement our system and supporting us along the way. The fact they’re located remotely has never made any difference to the quality of their support. They’ve been timely, thorough and available.”

Clark Perman, CAD Manager


York International is one of the largest manufacturers of HVAC, heating, air conditioning and refrigerator units in the world. With plants in the United States, Mexico and Europe, York aims to deliver top-notch products to a demanding market place.

The company has implemented the InnoCielo Publisher and the InnoCielo Web client to sync and share design data with its remote service staff and manufacturing plants. "With the InnoCielo Publisher we can publish our vault to their vault every night. In the morning, our vaults will be identical so the people know what to build based on what’s current in their Work Area."

Dan raves about InnoCielo Meridian Enterprise’s tight integration with Autodesk products. “Without InnoCielo Meridian Enterprise we would not be able to manage our 2D and 3D drawings,” he says. Especially Meridian integration with Autodesk Inventor has been very beneficial for York. “The way BlueCielo's’s product handles Inventor assemblies is really great,” he says. “It automatically makes it a hybrid so it travels with the assembly. We would make a lot of mistakes if we had to depend on simple directory structures in Windows.”

“DataCore has been a great help to us in implementing and supporting our system. We are now talking to them about integrating InnoCielo Meridian Enterprise with our ERP system. They are so knowledgeable and responsive, which makes a world of difference. I highly recommend them.”

Daniel Bounds, Senior CAD Specialist